Community Standards

The Villages at Wicklow

Design Guidelines

General Building Design Standards

Updated on 4/19/16

Overview and Intent

Design Guidelines are a means to preserve the individuality, quality, integrity and enduring value expected by every homeowner within a community.

The Villages at Wicklow Design Guidelines provide a design “theme” for every home. They are written to inspire innovative and creative home designs, but are not intended to be used as a restrictive set of rules. These Design Guidelines will remain flexible over time, creating the opportunity to respond to market trends, buyer tastes, property owners’ association needs, and economic market cycles.

The Guidelines are a framework that provides the homeowner with a method of directing their builders and designers, while maintaining consistent quality design throughout the neighborhood. In addition, the Villages at Wicklow landscape standards become the theme that visually unites the community and its evolving character.

Community Planning of The Villages at Wicklow

The goal of the Villages design team is to establish a community that is sensitively integrated into the natural beauty of the development. The team hopes to achieve this goal by developing a land plan that embraces a balance of land uses. The community of The Villages at Wicklow is the weaving together of the neighborhoods into the fabric of natural landscape. The open personality of the community is continually reinforced as property owners are surrounded by the natural environment.

Basic Guidelines

The Villages at Wicklow Design Review Board (VWDRB) requires drawings that can be easily understood. All designs must reflect traditional architecture. The VWDRB will consider all designs on an individual basis. Plans which are not designed by licensed architects will require special approval from the VWDRB. The VWDRB will have full approval authority over all construction plans and their ruling will be final. By way of illustration, but without limitation, the following improvements require submission to the VWDRB for approval:

New construction or exterior additions/modifications of any kind.

Installation or modification of landscaping.

Changes or other improvements subsequent to original approvals.

Approval of any project by the VWDRB does not waive the requirement for permits from the City of Nixa, Christian County, State of Missouri, or any other governmental agency having jurisdiction in The Villages at Wicklow.

Size of Residence

It is expected that the size of the home will maximize the footprint of the lot and will be comparable to existing home sizes.


Residences shall adhere to minimum setback requirements established by governmental regulations and as shown on the final plat.

NOTE: Building envelopes will vary depending on actual lot size.  Refer to Final Plat Map and your individual home site plot for lot setbacks that exceed those indicated above.

Garages and Parking Spaces

Each residence shall contain parking space within the site for at least two automobiles in a private, fully enclosed garage with functional doors. The interior walls of any garage must be like other rooms of the building.  No carports will be allowed. No more than two garage doors may exist on the same plane. The minimum offset on third or fourth garage doors is three feet. Integrated garages should be visually removed to reduce the impact to the street scene. The garage door design should be representative of the home design.


All driveways shall be constructed of either concrete or other equivalent material as approved by the VWDRB. Property owners shall be responsible for extending their driveway to the edge of the street pavement. All curb cuts and subsequent repairs, due to driveway connection to the street, are the responsibility of the property owner. The driveway must be extended to the street’s edge once the street is paved.


Sidewalk minimum width is four feet, constructed of concrete or other equivalent material approved by the VWDRB. Vertical, exposed concrete steps are not allowed.

Sidewalks must meet City code (see attachments).

Exterior Walls

Exterior walls must be substantially brick, stone, stucco, (synthetic stucco i.e. Dryvit not allowed).  Wood may also be used in a well-chosen combination of either brick, stone, stucco, or as an accent material. A combination of no more than three different materials may be used. The front elevation shall be at least 75% brick, stone, or stucco, and the remaining 25% shall be any other material except vinyl siding such as cedar siding, masonry board and batten. The 75/25 shall continue on the remaining three sides of the home if the lot has a public view. An example of a public view would be a lake lot or corner lot. If the lot does not have a public view (per Design & Review Board), then it will be left for the builder to decide the exterior of the remaining three sides of the home. We understand that certain architectural styles may not correspond with this rule and will review those situations on an individual basis. The VWDRB reserves the right to deny approval of any exterior plans.

No vinyl siding of any kind will be permitted.

Color combinations must be submitted for approval by the VWDRB.

The main entry should contain more detail than the other openings but remain consistent in styling.

Masonry or stone facing used in combination as a veneer material on the front of the residence should return around a corner to a logical point of termination such as an inside corner.

Gutters and downspouts shall be used at all eave lines unless deemed inappropriate and should be either colored aluminum or copper material. Galvanized material is not permitted.

Exterior window and door details are encouraged.

Casement windows to be used on all front elevations.

Retaining walls shall be constructed of a natural type material, or products that conform to the home. Block or diamond block is not permitted. Retaining walls that attach to the residence should utilize the same materials as the wall that they join.


A proper drainage plan for individual home sites is an important part of the overall plan for the community. Water runoff from each individual building site must be handled by adequately sloping all areas so that runoff is directed to the natural drainage areas or storm drainage facilities of each lot owner. A drainage plan must be incorporated when the site plan is submitted for approval. Directional arrows may be used on the site plan to illustrate drainage plan.

Temporary and permanent erosion control measures are intended to prevent the erosion of soil at The Villages of Wicklow. The placement of barriers such as erosion fabric fences, straw bales, or curb-like diversions along the perimeter of construction areas is considered a temporary measure to prevent excessive run-off.

Run-off from construction areas must be directed away from any sensitive natural areas. Permanent measures include the use of plant material to hold soil in place and the proper grading of the site.  Drainage facilities shall use the natural systems wherever possible. Previous surfaces rather than hard surfaces are encouraged to promote ground percolation.


Decks and their supports should be of materials that relate to the residence. Support columns must be 6” X 6” minimum. The deck railing design should reflect creative detail.


Roof pitches to be a minimum of a 10/12 and will be inspected to ensure proper roof pitch is constructed. A minimum of 30 year architectural shingles are required.


Patios should reflect creative design and detail.  The floor (walking surface) should use materials that relate to the residence.

Outside Equipment

All boats and recreational vehicles must be kept in a garage or other structure designed in keeping with the architecture of the residence. The VWDRB must approve the locations of all recreation equipment, playground sets or yard structures before installation. Yard structures of any type (i.e.; statues, furniture) are not permitted in the front or side yards.

Landscaping Criteria

The following residential landscape design criteria are provided to enhance the definition of each homesite. The primary goal is to protect and maximize individual property values through the implementation of a minimal but generous landscape treatment. This criteria must be followed to successfully receive the approvals required by the VWDRB.

**The typical home uses 10% of their total budget for landscaping**

It is required to use one of the following landscape companies:
Natures Image – 417-724-8774
Elite Irrigation – 417-885-9898
James River Lawncare – 417- 725-5819

Sod is required in all areas.

No trees 8” or over in caliper size can be removed within 25’ of the boundary of any common areas without the permission of the Design Review Board.

Rear yards of homes adjacent to any open common areas require landscape treatment similar with that of the front yard.

All grassed areas shall be provided with underground irrigation systems.

Should a significant number of existing site trees be able to be retained, and thrive after construction, the requirement for additional tree plantings may be waived. The VWDRB will determine which trees will be considered significant and retained.

Trees Requirements:

Front yard (and side yards on corner lots):

– Shade trees 2” minimum caliper, 8’ tall, 1 per 1000 square feet

– 1 ornamental accent tree at least 1-1/2″ minimum caliper

Rear yard:

– Shade trees 2” minimum caliper, 8’ tall, 1 per 2000 square feet

– 1 ornamental accent tree at least 1-1/2″ minimum caliper

All areas are based on irrigated areas only

Lots that do not back up to property that is a part of The Villages at Wicklow will be reviewed by the VWDRB on an individual basis.

The following shade/street and ornamental trees may be used pending approval from the VWDRB:

Bald Cypress White Spire Birch Japanese Maple
Shademaster Honeylocust Tulip Poplar White Bud
London Plane Tree Norway Maple Star Magnolia
Aristocrat Pear Red Maple Northway Spruce
Caddo Sugar Maple Easter Redbud White Oak
Northern Red Oak Flowering Dogwood Scarlet Oak
English Oak Amur Maple Shumard Oak
Chanticleer Pear Keteleeri Juniper Canadian Hemlock
White Pine Flowering Crabapple Willow Oak
Saw Tooth Oak Serviceberry River Birch
Bur Oak Ash Pin Oak
Sweetgum Russian Olive Smoke Tree
Foster Holly Purple-Leaf Plum Cornelian Cherry

Please note: Bradford Pear trees are not permitted. Additional tree species will be considered by the Board upon request.

Planting Beds:

-Landscape beds should make up 10% of front yards.

-You must hide all HVAC units and Electrical boxes with landscaping.

-The VWDRB will make determination regarding corner lot landscaping on an individual basis.

-Perennials must be a minimum of 1 Gallon, all others must be a minimum of 3 Gallons.

-Landscape beds must be full based on maturity.

Please note: Lots which are back-to-back within the development shall require a minimum of 3% of rear yard to be covered with landscaping beds, and those that back up to public views or open common areas shall require a minimum of 10%. Lots that do not back up to Wicklow property will be reviewed by the VWDRB on an individual basis.

The following shrub specimens are appropriate in the Villages at Wicklow community:

Potentella Andorra Juniper Mint Julep Juniper
Compact Amur Maple Rose of Sharon/Althea Densiformis Yew
Common Lilac Redtwig Dogwood Anthony Waterer Spirea
Cistena Plum Forsythia Little Princess Spirea
Golf Tip Juniper Old Golf Juniper Blue Mist Spirea
Capitata Yew Nana Procumber Redleaf Barberry
China Girl Holly Hicks Yew Blue Pacific Juniper
Mentor Barberry Dwarf Korean Lilac Hydrangia
Purpleleaf Smoketree Golden Barberry Crape Myrtle
Persian Lilac Snowmound Spirea Blue Princess Holly
Emerald Cushion Euonymus Boxwood Crimson Pygmy Barberry
Pink Flowering Almond Pussy Willow Girard Azalea
Emerald Isle Juniper Japanese Flowering Quince Emerald Gaiety Euonymus
Sarcoxie Euonymus Lodense Privet Glossy Abelia
Compact Burning Bush Dwarf Burford Holly PJM Rhododendron
Bar Harbor Juniper Vanhoutte Spirea

Please note: Additional species will be considered by the Board upon request.

Landscape bedding ground covers should be a natural-like cover of mulch, decorative gravel, etc. Materials such as Lava Rock, white rock, masonry block, or diamond landscape blocks are considered inappropriate for the Villages at Wicklow community.

Retaining Walls:

In some instances, it may be necessary to provide retaining structures to protect trees near roadways and other graded areas. Such retaining structures should have a natural appearance, using natural materials such as stone, wood ties, etc.

Surface Drainage:

The surface drainage system shall consist primarily of on-grade pervious systems. Hardscape materials are permitted when no other options are available. The use of underground storm drains should be minimized. Drainage of individual properties must work with the existing topography, and be directed toward the natural open space or drainage swale systems, developed in conjunction with the roadways. Community landscape areas and amenities must be protected during all construction operations through the use of fencing or other barriers. Adequate provision must be made to prevent any surface waters from damaging public or private property, or excavation areas and fill slopes, both during and after construction.


Interior lots of the subdivision shall not have any fence wood or iron higher than 4’ tall. All remaining lots will be submitted to Design & Review Board for approval if higher than 4’ is requested. Fences to be built in a “shadow box” or “good neighbor” design if constructed of wood. No chain link allowed. City permits are required on all fences.

Lots backing up to a collector road (Old Castle or Tracker) will have a 5’ fence provided by the developer on the rear or side property line running along the side of the road. This will be a Copperwood fence and shall be maintained by the property owner once the lot is sold. The fence shall not be stained a color on the side of the fence backing up to the collector road. Iron fence will not be allowed on the side backing up to the collector road to maintain consistency along these streets.


All mailboxes must match existing copper mailboxes in The Villages at Wicklow. The Villages at Wicklow will provide and install these mailboxes. The fee is $450 per mailbox and must be paid at time of closing on the lot.

Swimming and Spa Pools

No above ground swimming pools are allowed. All in-ground swimming pools must be designed and engineered in compliance with applicable codes. Swimming pools should be visually connected to the residence through walls or courtyards and screened or separated from strict view of the street, or of neighboring properties. Backwash water, from swimming pools and spas, is not permitted to be discharged into any part of the sewer system, wash over or erode adjoining property.

Tennis Courts

Tennis courts are not allowed.

Underground Wiring

All exterior wiring shall be installed underground.  Electric transformer, phone and cable TV pedestals should be landscaped in a manner to shield such facilities from view.


Please note that the Guidelines are provided to summarize the general building standards of The Villages at Wicklow community. It is highly recommended that you obtain a copy of The Villages at Wicklow Declaration of Restrictions and Covenants for additional rules and regulations.